Fittings for windows, doors, glass walls and marine environments.

Focus on the big picture

We create the small but important items that are not only functional, but also form a subtle but significant component. Products that complete the overall impression. The quality of our fittings is clear in both material and design.

Products for you

"Proof that I as developer did well"

Take a look behind the scenes at ROCA and read the story about the new folding console Regal. How was it developed? What challenges arose during the project? We had a chat with Lars Wänglund, the mastermind behind the product.

Build your own solution

Want to do it yourself? If you'd like to build a glass wall, give the right fittings to a glass door or want to configure a windshield wiper and calculate all the parameters for it to fit your boat or vehicle, we recommend our online configurators.


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